When you talk to a friend about the friendship you share, lots of opinions, ideas, and feelings are bound to come up. That?s a good thing. To feel safe about sharing with others, set some guidelines you both can agree to. Here are some sample ?rules? to get you started:

? This conversation is between us; no gossiping afterward! ? Let?s remember that we both care about each other. ? No silent treatment.

Now that you know what kind of friend you want, and the kind of friend you want to be, why not turn those ?wants? into an action plan. Create a Friendship Bill of Rights that spells out your rights and responsibilities in your friendships. Figure out: ? what actions a friend may take that justify ending your friendship ? what types of situations require going to a trusted adult for help ? what other information should be included Sign the document to represent your commitment to the values included in the bill. Place your Bill of Rights where it will be most useful as a reminder of your dedication to your friends (on your computer monitor, as wallpaper on your cell phone, inside your locker door). 38

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