Sample Sessions at a Glance


First Impressions in the Maze


Navigating Friendships

Girls are introduced to the aMAZE journey and: ? identify possible relationship obstacles in the ?maze of life? ? identify peers and adults who provide key support in their lives ? make choices and decisions, including a team agreement for the journey ? begin exploring the impact first impressions have on relationships Girls start their Peacemaker Kits to collect the relationship skills they practice along the journey, and: ? understand how stereotypes impact relationships ? identify the personal qualities they bring to and seek in healthy friendship circles SESSION 3

Cliques and Conflicts

Girls identify different types of peer pressure and how it influences them, and: ? practice strategies for managing peer pressure based on values ? understand the exclusive and hurtful behaviors that can happen in cliques ? use ?I-Statements? as an important conflict resolution tool SESSION 4

Caution: Bullies Straight Ahead

Girls identify characteristics of bullying behavior and relational aggression, and: ? practice skills to address bullying behavior and relational aggression ? gain greater understanding of girls? roles as witnesses in bullying situations ? set boundaries and develop strategies for building safe online relationships 10

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