Diplomat Award

A diplomat ?possesses skill or tact in dealing with others.? To earn the award, Cadettes demonstrate that they can pass their relationship skills on to others through a Take Action Project. For example, they might teach younger girls how to use ?I-Statements? (a skill they will learn in aMAZE) or perform a skit about bullying followed by a discussion of how to cope with bullying. There are more ideas in the girls? book and in this 7 STEPS TO TAKING ACTION To earn the Diplomat Award, it?s important for girls to choose and plan their project (as a team or individually) using the seven steps toward Taking Action detailed on page 114 of their book. These steps teach effective planning skills that the girls can use throughout their lives. AWARDS ALONG THE JOURNEY guide, too.

Peacemaker Award

Each chapter of the girls? book (and each session when you meet) ends with a ?For Your Peacemaker Kit? reflection. This invites the girls to consider how the relationship skills they are exploring could create more peace in the world. Specifically, girls are asked to collect relationship ?tools? they can use and pass on to others. The girls earn the Peacemaker Award at the end of the journey by reviewing all the tools they?ve collected and making a commitment to use them throughout their lives. 9

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