This trail has a clubhouse.

Come on in and meet some new Brownie friends! Campbell

lives with her mom and her little sister, Sage ? and her new dog, Tango. She is happiest outdoors, especially on her skateboard. Social studies and Spanish are her favorite subjects. She has just moved to Green Falls, and her family is still trying to unpack. In the summer, she likes to grow tomatoes with her mother in their garden.


has lived in Green Falls her whole life. She lives with her dad and her brother, TJ. They have a cat named Fredrick. Jamila loves to read and she likes to take things apart just to see how they work. Sometimes she has trouble putting them back together. Her dad wasn?t too happy when she opened up the family computer.


lives just outside Green Falls ? on a big rancho with her parents and her abuela and abuelo. Alejandra loves animals, especially horses. She has a pony named Ladybug. She spends a lot of time going on hikes with her abuelo. He has taught her a lot about the outdoors. Alejandra also loves to paint and draw, especially pictures of the woods around the rancho. Brownie Elf loves being a Brownie. She has a Scottish grandmother who knows everything about Brownies. ?Don?t be afraid to mix old treasures with new adventures,? Grandmother Elf says. She also tells Brownie Elf that in order to be a full elf, she needs to help a group of Girl Scout Brownies. And so she sends young Brownie Elf on a quest to find those Girl Scouts. TRAIL OF THE ELF BROWNIE ADVENTURE QUEST 57

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