?Got it!? Campbell said,


are ways we

catching an egg just in

honor a special time, like a birth

time. She handed it to the girl

or a wedding. When you were

and explained, ?This is

in kindergarten, did your class have a graduation at the end of

a bookmobile. It takes books

the year? That was a ceremony!

all around the world!?

What Girl Scout ceremonies do

The girl smiled and said

you like most?

hello. Her name was Chosita, which means ?happiness.? Then she went back to gathering eggs. ?I need to get these to the temple,? she said. ?The eggs are used to bake cakes for


The girls joined in and soon all the eggs were nestled in Chosita?s basket. ?Khobkhun!? said Chosita. That means ?thank you? in Thai and it sounds like


?Would you like to come with me to the temple?? she asked. ?Let?s go in the bookmobile!? Jamila said.


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