Make a list on chart paper of the clues from the girls? ?Hear a Story, Find a Clue? work sheets.


Gather snack foods for bento boxes, or the Thai treats (page 61).



If the girls are passing the Team Passport from one Brownie to the next, invite the girl responsible for it last time to show what she added to it, and make sure the girls know who will add to it after this session.


Have assistants set up the snack area for ?Let?s Face It . . . No, Let?s Eat It!?

Opening Ceremony: Stretching Toward Our Best

Gather the Brownies in a circle and say something like: SHARING SKILLS This opening ceremony gets the girls sharing their personal talents or skills. It?s a great thing for the Brownies to do before they plan their team project because they?ll use their skills to shape that project and decide team roles. PLANNING FOR CHANGE A STORY


Close your eyes, stretch so you are as tall as possible, and think of one thing you are good at.


Then turn to the girl next to you and ask her to name what she thought of, and then switch places in the circle and ask another girl what she thought of.


Keep switching places and asking one another what you?re good at, until you?ve each shared something you?re good at with every girl in our group.

Giving, Sharing, Changing

To get the girls into the mind-set of making a positive change in the world around them, get them talking about ?Dancing with Chosita,? the story that starts on page 18 in the WORLD side of their book. Ask the girls to open their books to the story, and say something like: Remember how the three friends joined Chosita in gathering eggs? What other things did they do or talk about that involved giving and sharing? (One possible answer: The Brownie friends recalled a time when they gathered books for libraries and schools damaged by a storm in their country.) These are clues, too! 59

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