Sample Letter to

Address a Community Project

(Name and Address of community official) Dear Ms. Mayor or . . . , Who we are and where we?re from The problem Suggestion for a solution Time frame What we can do We live near (the place you will be talking about?for example, the Dolphin Park, at 13th Street and Summit Avenue). We have noticed this problem every day when we play at the park. The park is very close to the street, and there is no safety fence around it. The kids? balls roll in the street all the time. When cars stop at the traffic light, some passengers shout at us when we?re playing. The park doesn?t feel safe. We think a fence around the park would make us feel safer. The Girl Scouts in our group (name) have had many meetings about this park and feeling safe. We have learned that the office of the (official) can write the order for making the neighborhood and our park safe. That?s why we are starting by asking you for help. We hope you can do it this year before spring comes and everyone?s playing at the park again. This is what we can do to help: ? Make posters. ? Show neighbors that everyone needs to care about our park and about kids being safe. ? Ask neighbors to help plant bushes and flowers around the fence. ? Let neighbors know that you and your office helped to make our park safer. Thank you for reading about the problem in our neighborhood. We hope you will help us and write back. Sincerely, (name of group) (everyone signs letter)

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