Snapshot of the Quest


Discovering . . .


Discovering and Connecting . . .

? You: Brownies join in a circle and, with a ball toss, introduce themselves and name their skills and qualities. ? Values: Brownies ?go ELF? to search for values of the Girl Scout Law. ? Family: Each Brownie heads home to discover her family?s special qualities and the value of the Law that resonates most with her family. ? In the Brownie Star Circle: Brownies share their family discoveries and join in the first Quest ceremony, earning their first key. ? By Teaming Up: Brownies play cooperative games, then create their own Team Agreement. ? With Family: Brownies commit to leading a healthy-living activity with their families. SESSION 3

Connecting and Taking Action . . .

? Making a Circle Map: Brownies explore how the ?circles? of their lives grow outward: Me, Family, Girl Scouts, Community, World. ? Posting Commitments: In the map?s Family circle, Brownies post Commitment Cards noting their family?s healthy-living actions. ? Caring for Community: The Team expands its circle of caring through two stories?one real, one fictional?that serve as springboards to writing letters to a school or town official to seek a healthy-living improvement. ? Earning the Second Key: Brownies close with the Quest?s second award ceremony. SESSION 4

Choosing a Take Action Project

? Brownie Brainstorm: Team members consider community places where they could Take Action to make a difference. ? Brownie Team Trade: The Team ?goes ELF? while deciding on top ideas for taking action. ? Brownie Plan: The Team talks about preparations and materials they need to Take Action. 10

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