reach for the clouds


A dream mobile with clouds, rainbows, the sun and planets, and other symbols is just the thing to keep you dreaming. And it?s another creative break that will lift your head into the clouds. You can keep it in your room, your locker, anywhere it will inspire you. After you make one for yourself, consider making another with or for a younger dreamer in your family or circle. She can literally reach for the clouds, too! It?s fun and easy, and you can use materials you have around the house. Here?s what you need:

One curtain ring or other lightweight ring, such as the rim from an oatmeal container Nylon fishing line, heavy thread, or yarn Lightweight cardboard Pencil Hole punch Cotton or cotton balls, fabric scraps, ribbon, braid, colored markers or paint to decorate with

Draw clouds or other shapes on the cardboard, cut out the shapes, and decorate as desired, keeping all the shapes about equal in weight. Punch a hole at the top of each. Cut the fishing line, thread, or yarn into various lengths, thread them through the holes on the decorated shapes, and tie. Tie the other ends around the ring so the shapes hang below the ring in a pleasing, balanced arrangement. Next cut four equal lengths of the fishing line, and tie one end of each to the ring at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o?clock positions. Bring the loose ends of the line together at the top of the ring, and secure them together with a knot. Use the knotted end to suspend the mobile.


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