As you take in the big picture of environmental justice,

remember to focus in closely, too?by making your commitment to environmental justice a daily habit. You might be thinking:

There are 6.7 billion people in the world! What I do as an individual won?t make any difference at all!

But you have more clout than you think. When you establish goals and then achieve them, you set an example for others. And those others, in turn, can inspire still more people. If each week you convince just three people to help you make a difference and they each do the same, after four weeks you will have 121 people on board. In a month, you?ll have 2,391,484 people?more than the population of Maine and Montana! That?s some impressive math! Your inspiring example can harness the power of many! The Do the Math items throughout this chapter offer ways to set change in motion right away and inspire others to join you. Pick two to stick with, on your own or as a team. Do the Math is Step 2 toward the Sage Award. But your commitment to Do the Math will be ongoing. After all, math is essential to any equation!

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