Do youhavetopay childsupport forachild attendinguniversity?

1. If thechild is living at home,you normallywill be required to continue paying childsupportatthe same levelyou have been. 2. If thechild is notlivingathome, childsupportwillbe reviewed andanew amount will likely be determined, taking into accountareasonablecontributionfrom thechild. 3. Thereare anumberofwaysthatchild supportcan be calculated forachild living away from home and it is best to consultwithalawyer to review the availableoptions. 4. This applies notonlytouniversitybut to most forms of post-secondary education.


?BorninBramptonand attended Western University ?VolunteerswithYouth Opportunities Unlimited, helping troubled teensand homelessyouths ?Married andhas twochildren ?Loves cheering forthe Blue Jays ?Enjoys floorhockey, baseball andgolf


Kenpractisesexclusively in family lawincluding theareas of custody,supportpaymentsand division of property.

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