Lisa Bucher

Managing Editor, Business London I have a great appreciation for the past. Or maybe the way I remember it. I like the idea of receiving a letter by post. Letters can be aesthetically pleasing and can be tucked away to serve as a reminder. I like the idea of camera film and the element of surprise when getting it developed. I like the idea of a life before smartphones because it was simple, less invasive and less demanding of my time. I use running to escape from the stressors of everyday life and in that I know I am not alone. I leave all of my technology, my career, and my personal life behind. I like that I can focus purely on my breath and movement and give an empty mind my undivided attention. In modern day life, that silence is priceless. Last year I hired a personal trainer. The reason was to increase my muscle mass to improve my running stamina. However, I soon saw the benefits to the social side of fitness. I had someone to pick me up if I fell off the fitness wagon. I had someone to add variety to my routine so that I wouldn?t get bored. She was efficient with my time for optimal results and kept me motivated. I began to look forward to our time together With a personal trainer, my connection was face-to-face. However, I was able to imagine some of the benefits to being connected to mobile fitness apps and other types of social fitness enhancing technologies, such as Fitbit or MYZONE MZ-3. That being said, I still disconnect. Much like social technology to the fitness industry, the purpose of Business London magazine to the business community is to inform, to entertain and to inspire. I have always loved the look and feel of a printed magazine. I love its simplicity. I can take it to the beach. I can rip out a page and stick it to my wall. I can make notes on the pages. I lose it. It gets wet. No big deal. Although I appreciate the past, I am still very much a modern woman. I rely heavily on my GPS and social media for personal and professional interaction. So I also see the benefit to telling stories digitally, to ensure content will reach more people, faster, and to add a variety of media to storytelling. As we publish the second issue of our rebranded product, I am mindful of the magazine?s past success, but remain confident that refreshing it with new content and taking advantage of the many new technologies is essential. I?ve been working in magazines for a while and dreamt of working for them almost as long. As managing editor of Business London, I will continue to shape the magazine into the kind of publication that businesses will enjoy reading. As the magazine continues to evolve, you will continue to see changes to the pages, as well as an increased online presence. I plan for the magazine to look and feel more like a consumer product with B2B content. As our valued readership, I encourage you to contact us with feedback and ideas for content. Watch for us on Rogers TV mid-September and follow us on Facebook. We will be starting some Facebook Live. LBUCHER@POSTMEDIA.COM 6 | | SEPTEMBER 2017

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