Melissa McInerney

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, tbk Creative | Age: 33 20 UNDER 40 ? 2016 BUSINESS LONDON MELISSA MCINERNEY SAYS it?s serendipity that inspired her to launch tbk Creative in 2010. An entrepreneur since graduating from Western in 2006, she got her first big break when one of her companies, Tagged by Kindness, landed a big U.S. client. McInerney was ecstatic, but when the economy went belly up in 2008, her business simply couldn?t keep up. At the same time, however, McInerney was getting tons of requests from organizations wondering who did her web design and branding. A self-taught graphic designer, McInerney and her team began taking on marketing work. ?As each completed project turned into another, suddenly we were generating more business in marketing with unique concepts, engaging creative and future-forward code,? she says. ?We found a niche in the market.? Today, tbk Creative is an industry leader in digital marketing and web design. They were named Small Business of the Year at the London Chamber of Commerce 2016 Business Achievement Awards and have received countless industry awards for marketing and design. As both CEO and the firm?s creative director, McInerney has led tbk Creative through massive growth over the past six years. They now employ 15 people and have consistently seen increases in both revenue and net profit. McInerney credits most of her success to her optimistic perspective and resilient attitude towards failure. ?I?m happy to have started as an entrepreneur young,? she says. ?I failed a lot in my twenties, and scraped my knees enough to know myself as someone who just gets back up. With that knowledge, I?m able to take the risks necessary to keep moving forward.?

If you could change one thing about London what would it be?

We need high-speed rail to Toronto. London is still challenged to hold onto its bright students and experienced professionals, and if we had a high-speed rail to and from the city, we could attract and retain the talent needed to make London a powerful tech hub. 22

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