David Brebner

Managing Partner, Magnus Associates | age: 35 BIRTHPLACE: Toronto, Ontario EDUCATION: CPA and HBA Richard Ivey School of Business FAVOURITE LOCAL RESTAURANT: Trichilo?s (before we closed it), The Only on King and the Church Key Bistro-Pub CURRENTLY READING: Unfortunately, my emails GREATEST MENTOR: Father and my formal coach when I was at my previous job FAVOURITE APP: BBM, Weather Network and Planets CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Whatever is on Virgin or Slacker Radio LAST VACATION DESTINATION: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic FIRST JOB: Camp instructor, but I feel that my fi rst real job was at Quebecor on the fl oor of a printing press TOUGHEST BUSINESS DECISION: Making the move from being an employee to starting my own business ADVICE YOU WOULD GIVE TO THE 18-YEAR-OLD YOU: First, fi nd something you care about because that?s the only thing for which you will do anything. Second, know your cash?when it?s coming in and when and where it?s going BEST PIECE OF ADVICE RECEIVED: Know your cash. And don?t bite your fi ngernails

Every organization faces complex challenges. How you respond will determine the outcome.

Consulting Partnering Consulting Innovation, Technology, & Commercialization Economic Development DAVID BREBNER ALWAYS knew he?d be a businessman, but he took his first professional job for love. After graduating with his HBA from Ivey, Brebner accepted a position in London at PricewaterhouseCoopers so he could stay close to his university girlfriend who was still finishing her degree at Western. The romance quickly fizzled, but the Toronto native decided to stick with the job. He climbed the ranks at PwC, becoming a leader and an educator at the company, while simultaneously building a quality life for himself in London. In 2012, he launched his own consulting practice, Magnus Associates, with his partner, Paul Dugsin. After one year the company is already pulling in annual sales of $500,000. Brebner uses his entrepreneurial finesse and strategic mind to help his clients expand and navigate their way through tough business transitions. His financial and analytical expertise recently helped him lead a multi-million-dollar company out of bankruptcy. One of the few Ivey grads that continue to call London home, Brebner has invested heavily in his local community. Passionate about the performing arts, he sits on the Grand Theatre?s executive committee and helped draft the business plan for its concert hall expansion. He?s volunteered his expertise to several organizations and not-for-profits, including the Western University Gazette, the LOLA festival and the Shoebox Project. ?I don?t want to be a consumer of society,? Brebner says. ?I want to contribute. For me, that?s the only way to live.? PROFESSION YOU WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO TRY: Theoretical physicist WHAT STOPS PEOPLE FROM SUCCEEDING IN BUSINESS: Balance. Ensuring there?s enough time invested in the business to make it successful and enough time with your family to make that successful. If you don?t fi nd the balance, the one that falls apart will affect the other NEWS SOURCE: The Globe and Mail, London Free Press, Twitter WHAT?S NEXT: Finish the bathroom in the basement before the baby comes (855) 624-6872 www.magnusassociates.ca 20 UNDER 40 ? 2013 BUSINESS LONDON 13

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